Top Improvements in Drone Technology

Since the introduction of drone technology, it has been adopted by people in a wide range of sectors. For instance, from real estate business to armed forces, to sports, drones have several applications in nearly every sector. People have now identified the need to have continuous improvement to ensure these aerial vehicles achieve their true potential. This explains why tech experts and scientists across the world are trying to make upgrades and improvements to existing drone technology. These are some of the areas where upgrades or improvements are made.

Battery Life

drones multicopterProbably the main challenge drone users face is the limited battery life. The current drones available on the market cannot remain in the air for more than one hour. This is because their batteries cannot hold a lot of power. However, this is an aspect of drones where a lot of progress is being realized. Scientists have come up with powerful batteries that can keep drones in the air for an extended period. Also, manufacturers are exploring whether it is possible to use solar energy to power drones.

Collision Avoidance

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to drone technology. You should note that drones collide with objects they come across such as trees, aircraft, and power lines. Fortunately, scientists are working on collision avoidance systems. Thus, in the future, drones will be fitted with systems that can detect the presence of other objects on their way. In this way, they can maneuver to avoid a collision.


Drones on the market ought to be controlled to a certain extent from the ground. You have to pilot it and guide it to where you want it to go. Therefore, drones ought to be operated by persons who have undertaken the necessary training and have certifications to fly a drone. Fortunately, this is bound to change soon as experts are working on autopilot drones.


drone flyingThis is an important area of drone technology that is receiving a lot of improvement. Currently, a GPS is used for navigation. Unfortunately, a GPS system is not reliable in areas that are crowded such as cities and forests. This is because signals can be lost. Therefore, there is a need for backup navigation systems that should take over whenever the GPS fails.

Control Systems

These are necessary for the success of drone technology. There is a need to have systems that can control various aspects of drones when it is flying such as power conditions, moisture, temperature ranges, and interference.…